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45cc Brush Cutter

RRP $379.00

Introducing the 45cc Brush Cutter – a relentless force designed to conquer the toughest vegetation challenges.

• Solid Drive Shaft
• Automatic On Switch
• Soft Start Recoil
• Twin line Tap & Go
• Anti Vibration

Mitre 10 SKU: 2010627

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Introducing the 45cc Brush Cutter – a relentless force designed to conquer the toughest vegetation challenges. Engineered for professionals and homeowners who demand unparalleled performance, this brush cutter redefines precision and power in outdoor maintenance.
Key Features:
Uncompromising Strength: Powered by a robust 45cc engine, this brush cutter effortlessly takes on thick undergrowth, stubborn weeds, and dense vegetation with unmatched force.
Solid Drive Shaft: Built with a durable solid drive shaft, this brush cutter ensures consistent power transmission, offering reliability that withstands the rigors of demanding landscapes.
Instant Activation: The automatic on switch simplifies your workflow, eliminating unnecessary steps, and getting you to work quickly without delays.
Gentle Start: The soft start recoil mechanism ensures a smooth engine initiation, reducing strain and delivering a comfortable user experience with every use.
Effortless Line Management: Equipped with a twin-line Tap and Go head, this brush cutter makes line replacement a breeze, allowing you to continue your work without interruption.
Vibration Control: The anti-vibration system minimizes discomfort and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable grip and steady control even during prolonged operation.
Enhanced Comfort: The full vest harness design elevates your comfort level, distributing the weight evenly and allowing you to work for longer without strain.
From tough overgrowth to intricate landscaping, the 45cc Brush Cutter stands as your ultimate companion in taming the wild outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a dedicated homeowner, experience the next level of precision, efficiency, and control with the 45cc Brush Cutter by your side. Dominate your outdoor maintenance with confidence and ease.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Warranty 2 Year
Power Unleaded Petrol
CC Rating 45
Fuel Tank Size 920 mm
Start System Soft Start Recoil
Cutting System Twin Line Tap & Go
Transmission Twin Shoe Centrifugal Clutch Drive System
Shaft Type 2 Piece Aluminium Straight Shaft
Additional Features Front Handle & Engine Mount Anti Vibration Points, Auto On Switch, Ergonomic Throttle Grip, Full Vest Harness
Product Type Two-Stroke Petrol Range, Brushcutters, Line Trimmers & Accessories
Spec sheet Download
Operating manual Download
Mitre 10 SKU 2010627


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Specs sheet Download
Operating manual Download



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