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LawnMaster Generators are the ultimate solution to keep you powered up when you need it most. Whether it’s tackling power outages, embarking on outdoor adventures, or running essential equipment during emergencies, our generators have you covered.

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Q1 What is a LawnMaster generator?
LawnMaster generators are a portable power solution designed to provide electricity during power outages or in remote locations where access to the grid is limited. It’s a reliable and efficient way to ensure your essential appliances and devices keep running during emergencies.
Q2 Are LawnMaster generators fuel-efficient?

Yes, LawnMaster generators are designed to be fuel-efficient. Inverter generators, in particular, adjust their engine speed according to the power demand, reducing fuel consumption and noise.

Inverter and open-frame generators have different designs and purposes, and their fuel efficiency can vary depending on several factors. Let’s take a closer look at each type:

Inverter Generators: Inverter generators are known for their fuel efficiency and clean power output. They use advanced technology that adjusts the engine speed according to the power demand, optimizing fuel consumption. The engine speed varies based on the connected load, reducing fuel consumption during periods of low power demand. This design results in significant fuel savings compared to traditional generators.

In addition to fuel efficiency, inverter generators also produce cleaner and stable power, making them suitable for sensitive electronic devices. They are often more expensive than open-frame generators, but their efficiency and added benefits can justify the higher cost for those who require clean and stable power.

Open-Frame Generators: Open-frame generators, also known as conventional or standard generators, have a simpler design and are generally less fuel-efficient than inverter generators. These generators operate at a constant speed regardless of the power demand. This means they consume a relatively constant amount of fuel, regardless of whether they are powering a high or low load.

As a result of their constant speed operation, open-frame generators may be less fuel-efficient, especially when running at partial loads. They are typically more affordable than inverter generators and are suitable for applications where sensitive electronic devices are not a concern.

Q3 Can LawnMaster generators be used for sensitive electronics?

Yes, many LawnMaster generators come with inverter technology, making them safe for powering sensitive electronics like laptops, smartphones, and TVs. The inverter generators provide clean and stable power, protecting your devices from voltage fluctuations.

Q4 What are the different types of LawnMaster generators available?

LawnMaster offers two types of generators; this includes invertor and open frame generators.

LawnMaster currently has four inverter generator options that vary in the power output, and also has one open frame generator option.

The main differences between inverter generators and open-frame generators lie in their technology, power generation, fuel efficiency, portability, and noise levels. Inverter generators are preferred for their clean power output, fuel efficiency, and portability, while open-frame generators are commonly used when stable power is not a priority and budget-friendly options are sought. The choice between the two depends on the specific power needs and requirements of the user.

Invertor generators are generally compact and lightweight, ideal for camping and outdoor activities. The larger invertor options are also suitable to be back up power for your house.

Conventional open frame generators are better suited for more rugged and robust environments such as commercial or domestic building sites or also suitable for back-up power.

Uninterrupted Power

With our generators at your side, say goodbye to dark nights and frustrating power cuts. Enjoy uninterrupted electricity to keep your home, business, or event running smoothly.

Portability and Flexibility

Designed for life on-the-go, our generators are portable and easy to transport. They are perfect companions for camping trips, boating excursions, and outdoor events, ensuring your favourite activities are never hindered by power limitations.


Our range of generators offer varying power outputs to suit your specific needs. From smaller models for outdoor adventuring to robust industrial units, we have the perfect generator to match your requirements.

Power Built for Your Lifestyle

Roam the great outdoors, run equipment, and power through power outages; the LawnMaster Generator range is built to equip the Kiwi lifestyle.

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